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(Last updated Mar 31st 2019)


These first two are made up of other pictures. Click on picture or name to see.



 Thousands of Peaces for Afghan Girl

 Van Gogh Self Reflection


Follow the Sun

Soft Reflections

Pillars of Creation


White Blossoms

Blossom Tree

Blossoms on a Summer's Day

Absence of Bird

Blossom Family


 Dave's Desert

Autumn Forest

Creation Two

Desert Circles


The Passage

 The Self

The Portal


 The Child




The Search

The Complexity Series

 The Happening

 The Edge

 Don't mess with the Gods


 VanGogh Sunrise


 Space, Time and Time Again

  The Rex

The Enigma2


   First Metal

Darkness Prevails over Fire and Ice

  Magic Unveiled 

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