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(Last updated Jan 28th 2021)

These first two are made up of other pictures. Click on picture or name to see.


 Thousands of Peaces for Afghan Girl

 Van Gogh Self Reflection




Early Man and Monster

Starry Bedroom

The Gothic Scream

The Lovers

The Holey Ghost

The memory of the Last Supper Persists, even though Time is Relative.

Three Sides of Monet

Colored Venus


House and Garden Colorized

Vermeer Remembered

Nude Descending

House and Garden


Scream Again

ColorFace 1

ColorFace 2


The Owl

 Chimp Reflects


 The Lion

Black and White


Line Art

Line Art 2




Follow the Sun

Soft Reflections

Pillars of Creation


 The Self

Autumn Forest

Creation Two

The Portal



OLd Owl

The Search

The Complexity Series

 The Happening

 The Edge

   First Metal


 VanGogh Sunrise


 Space, Time and Time Again

  The Rex

The Enigma2

Darkness Prevails over Fire and Ice

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Another application of my algorythms to people's photos of their pets.