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Essay on Beauty.............Example of the process


Complexity Art

 . . . What? . . Everything I find interesting or beautiful in our Universe can be explored from the viewpoint of complexity theory, the study of complex adaptive systems. Complexity theory provides a framework for understanding the world through simulations. It builds on the observation that when you have sufficient entities, each of which behaves according to simple rules, interactions over time can create a complex system. What emerges often goes far beyond what we could have imagined. The Universe is the primary example of the result that occurs when many elemental entities interact, each changing the nature of the other. Complex life we also see as the result of interactions between simple single cell entities. These two examples are only a few of the many systems that demonstrate the potential virtue of explanation using complexity.

. . . Why? . . For me awe is the most compelling emotion. Recent Hubble photos of deep space amplify my feeling of awe of our Universe. Sad in one way, that we may never get to the stars, but still, the beauty........ So, from single atoms interacting with just a few physical forces as the underlying rules, the Universe emerges. This elegance leads to massive complexity and wonder, just because we started with enough entities that have a few simple ways to interact. Another interesting thing to note is that sometimes the agents or entities change the very system they are interacting with. Forget about predictability or reasonable expectations at that point. A singularity, or time at which theory and prediction is impossible, has begun. The potential for unimagineable beauty is in place. Beauty is often hidden, it comes in various unexpected forms. If we want to see it in those hidden places we must pay close attention or we might miss it.


. . . How? . . Can we use complexity theory? We can! When we allow an art piece to reinvent itself on its own terms, we are set to witness the wonders of complexity. I use the mechanism of evolution to bring this about: genes and metamorphosis, a simulation of life in transition. My most important insight ever is that experience is the only thing of essential value, positive and negative. Thus, in my works, which I call Complexity Art, I attempt to create experiences of wonder and beauty, using the mechanisms of complexity. I hope you enjoy my gallery and tell me what you think!